Hi! Let me introduce my self, my name is Cristika Narindra Maharani, but please just call me Rindra! Hipster from Yogyakarta, (+) gonna be the future ninja assassins. Huge fan of F(EXO) Chanlli, Hunlli, Taolli, Hanlli, Kailli, Krislli shipper.

Yogyakarta, 99’line

Sehun, Chanyeol, and Sulli biased

Gamers (i can’t live without game, especially The Walking Dead!)

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One thought on “Rindra

  1. Hi! ^^
    Oh, so you belong to the 99-line…
    Authornim, I love your way of writing… And I hope that you can always write a brand new story of Sulli & her heavenly matched lover…
    We share the same biases and shippers too…
    Stay healthy and shining!


    Your reader ❤️

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